Sauna Anywhere

We partner with hosts + events throughout the city in super sweet places so you can sauna in places like… the beach, a back patio, in the woods…essentially, somewhere outside.

The beauty of a sauna tent is you can literally sauna with us anywhere!



Okay, there are a million benefits to sauna - some personal, physical, + mental. Here’s just a few facts that are either proven by science or just our personal opinions.

  • muscle recovery / by increasing blood flow + circulation

  • a deeper sleep / providing a space of relaxation + connection

  • heart health / potential decrease in heart related diseases

  • smooth skin / sweating cleanses pores + improves capillary circulation

  • improved immunity / by increasing the white blood cell count

  • pain relief / by releasing anti-inflammatory compounds

  • destress / chill vibes + good times

  • social health / get chatty or not, just having a sauna is enough

There’s a bunch more. A sauna is whatever you need it to be. Come experience it for yourself!


a wet sauna

GO Sauna House is a wet sauna which means we use a wood burning stove to heat the tent. The temperature will reach upwards 93°C / 200°F. You are encouraged to pour water on the rocks + on yourself. Throwing water on the rocks is the best + most juicy part of the sauna experience creating a lovely wetness in the air that stimulates your skin, deepens your breath + makes you sweat buckets!

// Remember, sauna is ‘sweat-bathing’ - you want to be dripping with sweat. //


sauna tips + how to’s

Having a sauna by yourself or with others is pretty basic, but there’s always a few ‘tips’ + ‘how to’s’. Whether you’re having a sauna with us, in your condo, at your cabin (or camp), even the gym, we’ve made a few resources for ya to check out.


Saunas near you

Sauna is not a ‘new-hot’ thing. It’s not trendy. It’s not what hipsters do. It’s not only for the Scandinavian folk. Sauna is for everyone and it’s been around for centuries. It’s one of the many ways to cleanse the body + soul. Whether it’s a bathhouse, sweat lodge, or a mobile sauna, we’re starting a little directory for ya’ll. This way if we’re not close to you, maybe one of these saunas are!