become a host

If you think a sauna tent compliments your service, space, or event, we say “let’s do it!”. Based on your goals, amenities, + services, we are here to work with you.

Maybe you’re:

  • a restaurant/cafe or brewery with a patio

  • a community centre with a courtyard

  • a yoga studio/gym or spa with some under-utilized outdoor space

  • planning a public, outdoor event like a: festival, retreat or gathering

Get in touch! We’re here to turn your space or event into a little public sauna destination.

Working with us

Together we assess what you’re going for + how we can work together. When it comes to sauna, we facilitate the entire experience from beginning to end.

  • we bring the full sauna experience: fire pit (if appropriate), blankets, essential oils, towels, + light refreshments

  • we provide all necessary sauna materials: sauna tent, benches + seating, fire wood

  • we handle all guest reservations + payment collection

  • we are on-site ensuring guest satisfaction, safety + enjoyment

  • we work within your hours of operation

  • we invite you + your crew for a sauna (it’s on us!)

  • we offer full sauna support + are available 24-7

  • we offer three residency packages to best accommodate your needs + goals

The host perks

As you can imagine, we’re pretty chill + easy going. We don’t want to make this complicated (that’s why we have a sauna business). At the end of the day, we need you to reach customers - so, let’s make it worth it!

  • bring an under-utilized/empty space to life

  • provide a unique + healthy activity/service

  • opportunity to gain new customers

  • opportunity to bring in additional revenue

  • access to complimentary sauna sessions when available

the host necessities

Due to the nature of sauna and the tent itself, we have a few host necessities:

  • you’re located in Toronto, ON (see Host Packages below)

  • the space is outside (we use a wood burning stove to heat the sauna)

  • the space is open to the public

  • the space can accommodate the size of the tent: the footprint is 14’x12’ ft

  • the space is secure (i.e. fenced in or gated)

  • we can reside for a minimum of 1-day + 1-night (see Host Packages below)

  • public washrooms/changing areas are nearby

  • clean water access for drinking water + filling water buckets

  • a welcome space for us, the GO Sauna House folks to greet + check-in guests

  • a small area for us to securely store/tuck away additional sauna materials

Host Packages

We know that each host location is unique when it comes to the facility, goals + customer base. That being said, we have three Host Packages for you:

the week-Long host / min. 1 weeks

host location is in Toronto, ON

the Month-long host / min. 4 weeks

host location is in Toronto, ON

The Event host / min. 1 day + 1 night

host location is within 4hrs from Toronto, ON
we’ll require 3hrs for set-up + 1.5hrs to heat the tent
the tent must be able to remain on-site overnight to cool down

The far away host / coming soon

host location is outside of Toronto, ON
this is for the host that’s interested in the Week-Long + Month-Long Packages
this option is coming soon



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