SAuna tips + how to’s

Got questions? We’ve Got answers.


what is a sauna tent?

The sauna tent is a winter camping tent outfitted to sauna in. Meaning, it’s a tent within a tent that’s heated by a wood burning stove. The fabric is canvas which allows the sauna to breath and is treated to adhere to fire and safety regulations. So, it’s a sauna, just in a tent.

WHAT DO I BRING to a sauna?

  • a towel (+ a washcloth is a nice bonus!)

  • a water bottle

  • a swimsuit (you’ll have to wear it, sorry)

  • flippie-floppies or slip on shoes that can get wet

  • a sauna hat (optional)

should I also BRING…

We personally LOVE using essential oils, but here’s the deal:

  • not all oils are natural oils meaning they may include chemicals or additives which aren’t fun to breath in, can leave residue on the rocks, in the bucket, on the benches and even worse, the tent itself.

  • not all oils should be in a heated space. oils have a burning rating meaning they can actually become dangerous at a certain burn point which could cause make the air toxic to breath, put on your skin, or just smell really bad

  • oils SHOULD NEVER be poured directly onto the sauna rocks. oils MUST ALWAYS BE diluted in water first.

  • not everyone likes that smell. hey, they may even be allergic.

Okay, so what did we learn about oils? It’s not all doom and gloom, we’ll have a selection of oils for you to choose from + we’ll ask you, as well as, the other guests if they’re okay with it first.

Sure, bring whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people like to use x3 towels - 1) to sit on, 2) to rest their feet on, and 3) to wipe down afterwards.

FLIPPY FLOPPIES (a.k.a. flip flops or sandals)
Yeah, bring ‘em if you’d like. The ground can be chilly, muddy, rocky…you get it, so it depends on your tolerance. We’ll have some walk-ways + paths to help keep your little feeties off of the ground.

We ask that food and drinks (except for your water bottle) not be brought into the sauna. That being said, you probably wont want to bring your water bottle in with you as plastic, metal, and glass heats up quickly, making it difficult or even dangerous to drink out of. You might want to leave it outside of the sauna or in the cool-down room.

can I wear jewellery?

Rings are usually fine and earrings too (not the dangley kinds though). It’s the necklaces that’ll do you in. It’s 93°C /200°F (or hotter) in the sauna tent and not to mention very steamy, your necklace will get really hot, really quick. Best to leave any jewellery at home or in your bag.


Being naked is always a possibility (+ it feels SO good!), however since we’re in North America, we’ll probably be wearing our swimsuits. For GO Sauna House specifically, if you’ve rented the entire tent, we say ‘let it all hang out’, but taking other guests comfort levels in to consideration, we ask that all guests wear a suit (the cloth kind).

Feel free to wrap yourself in a towel too - whatever makes you feel comfortable.


Since we’re on the topic of “showers”…
When you sauna, you’re actually taking a bath. It’s called “sweat bathing”. It doesn’t sound attractive necessarily on paper, but it feels so good and you actually don’t need to shower afterwards. Showering is a personal preference (we get it), we’re not here to tell you any different. You don’’t have to take our word for it, but before you knock it, try it. Read more about “sweat bathing”.

This is completely a personal preference. We’d suggest showering before a sauna if you’ve applied sunscreen all over, lotion or bug spray…essentially anything that clogs your pores. This will help your skin breath + sweat during your sauna. Also, if you have any makeup on, we suggest washing your face.

Remember, a sauna is sweat bathing, so you shouldn’t have to shower after a sauna. We understand that you may want to depending on your sauna session - maybe you didn’t get that deep sweat, there wasn’t water around to get a deep clean, or your hair just feels greasy, whatever…do you, a shower is completely optional.

For GO Sauna House, we’re not always equipped with a shower as this depends on our host’s amenities, the time of year, or the facilities near by. You’ll know all of amenities available to you at the time of booking.

what’s the deal with ‘dry’ + ‘wet’ saunas?

The main distinction is humidity. There is no humidity in a dry sauna. The temperature also tends to be a bit cooler, 60°C / 150°F. So, there’s no pouring water on the stove, the walls or yourself - just you + your sweat baby!

The temperature in a wet sauna is much hotter, 93°C /200°F+ and throwing water on the rocks, yourself, the walls (wherever) is encouraged.

When it comes to us here at GO Sauna House we do it the traditional Finnish style way - it’s a wet one! We use a wood burning stove + you’re welcome to pour water on the rocks (just ask the other guests first if it’s okay to do so!)

HOW TO maintain or control the heat

Using the vents, water + wood are a few ways to maintain or control the temperature in the sauna. All saunas have vents for airflow. This is very important for sauna. Vents help keep the air fresh, moving, adds a bit of humidity, + can act as a way to quickly decrease the temperature. Water is another tool by using anywhere from a little to a lot of water whether on the rocks, the walls or yourself, will create more humidity which helps maintain or even increase the temperature in the sauna. This may also be a good time to mention that by drinking water prior to, during, + after will help maintain your core temperature allowing you to stay in the sauna for longer without feeling thirsty or dehydrated. And lastly, wood. Wood is the best way to heat a sauna, maintain it’s temperature and to get it hotter if the temperature is starting to drop.

As a guest in the sauna, you won’t have to worry about this (except for the water drinking part). You’re obviously encouraged to flex the temperature up or down as needed by throwing water on the rocks. There will always be a staff member or sauna mister on-site ensuring the sauna is kept at the optimal temp.

when is it okay to pour water on the rocks?

There will be bucket + ladle to pour water on the rocks which helps control not only the temperature but also the humidity. Here are a few things to note:

  • be polite… ask the others before pouring water on the rocks

  • a sprinkling of the water over the rocks creates a nice, smooth, and slow wave of steam + heat

  • a big dump of water over the rocks creates a quick and intense wave of heat + steam

It’s important to be safe and know your limits. We encourage taking breaks + drinking LOTS of water.

will I be in the sauna with strangers?


At GO Sauna House, you can reserve a seat or two or three or the entire tent. That being said, never fear a good sauna with a good stranger.

Can I sauna if…?

Yes, but you need to bring a consenting adult and both of you will have to sign a waiver.

We suggest consulting your doctor first. It’s recommended that if you’re recently pregnant, it is advised that you do not sauna

Sorry, extreme temperatures are not good for the little, little ones. But, bring someone along + take turns chilling with your wee-thing.

Nope, don’t even think about it.

If you have heart or ‘other’ health conditions, we recommend consulting your doctor before hand as some conditions are irritable or can get worse when in high temperatures for an extended period of time. While on the other hand, a sauna may help or improve your condition with regularity. Again, just ask your doctor.


  • it seriously just feels good

  • can provide a deeper + better sleep

  • flushin’ out those toxins

  • alleviates stress + promotes relaxation

  • helps sooth any muscle + join discomfort, aches or pains

  • improved blood flow + circulation

  • improved capillary circulation (…sweating a lot) which cleanses the pores

  • may reduce incidences of Alzheimer’s (if you sauna between 4-7/week)

  • socializing + bonding with friends, family or strangers

HOW IS this sauna cleaned?

Let’s just drop some knowledge really quick here first… saunas are already naturally clean. Reasons - 1) made of wood 2) the heat. GO Sauna House is a canvas tent with wooden benches + flooring which ‘wood’ naturally deters bacteria from growing. Also, the sauna will reach upwards 93ºC/200ºF, it’s too hot for anything to start growing. We do still clean it (of course). Here’s how:

  1. a little vacuum or sweep to remove any loose dirt, debris, dust or left over leaves/branches

  2. we use a combination of baking soda + water to scrub + rinse the benches + high traffic areas.

  3. the sauna is a naturally ventilated beast allowing air flow during and after the session - this helps prevent mold from forming

  4. we also use a mild detergent on a weekly basis and apply this to all benches + floors

I don’t think I can stay in the sauna for more than 5 min. or so, how long should I stay in the sauna for?

We recommend taking as many breaks as you need during the duration of your session. Sessions run for 90 min. Stay in for as long as you’re comfortable - it’s not a competition, go at your own pace. And when you’re ready, head back in!

Where else can I go to sauna?

There’s so many places to take a sauna (+ there’s so many types!). We’ve started compiling a list for your reading pleasure. Have a lookzy!