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The word “sauna” (say it with us “sow-na”) means many things to different people. And that’s the beauty of sauna - it’s whatever you need it to be.

With the help from our friends at Stokeyard Outfitters (MN, USA) and Snow Trekker Tents (WI, USA), we’ve got ourselves a winter camping tent outfitted to sauna in (and we’re stoked to bring a sauna to you!).

Here’s to sharing a sauna with you soon + thank you for visiting us!

The GO Sauna House Folks
Kris + Jess


We’re the crazy cats behind this little sauna tent operation - nice to virtually meet ya!

Kris (bottom) is a lover of the fine things in life, such as paintball, curling and reddit.

Jess (top) is a lover of rearranging the living room too often, hot yoga, and the movie Clueless.

Together, we love our ‘88 subaru, our cat ‘Jack’ is alright too, + outdoor adventures. It’s obvious we like saunas (right?!). Oh, coffee + beer are high on the list too.

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